Fit out and Interior Works

Fit out and interior works Company in Dubai

Fit and out interior work is a process of making an interior space fit for office purposes. Primarily the word refers to commercial spaces. Hence, office interior fit-outs are the common word used for the deed.  Generally, fit and out interior is everything else that adds life to space. Once the structure is complete, it is the job of office interior fit-out companies to make the space livable.

Moreover, an office fit-out and interior will include office furniture, fabric, cladding, lift shafts, electrical works, partitions, flooring, and ceilings.


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There are many types of fit-and-out interior work, let’s have a look at them:

  • Shell and Core Fit-Out: When the office structure is complete but does not have power, lighting, heating, plumbing, or interior walls among other necessary work.
  • Cat A fit-out Category: A fit-out includes installing electrical outlets, technology, ceilings, air conditioning, fire systems, raised floors etc., that make the place usable.
  • Cat B fit-out: It includes personalising and adding partition walls, office spaces, standard rooms, kitchens, reception areas, and furniture. The office interior fits out in category B ensuring the space is personalized as per the occupant.

As we have seen above the types of fit and interior works are suitable for every situation, now let’s have a look at some factors to consider when deciding on a fit out and interior works company:

Enhanced Coordination and Collaboration: When interior design and fit-out services are provided by a single entity, it facilitates better communication and coordination between the two crucial parties of the design process. The designers and contractors are required to work hand in hand from the conceptualization phase through to the execution, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from the design plans to the final construction.

Time and Cost Efficiency: The streamlined approach of only engaging a single company for both interior design and fit-out helps save time and money by reducing the need for multiple communication routes between different firms. By working closely with one establishment, the integrated team solely focus on the project and identify cost-effective design solutions. It also minimises potential delays, resulting in a more efficient project timeline.

Seamlessly Executed Design Vision: The unity of the design and fit-out processes verifies that the final result is perfectly aligned with the envisioned design concept. With a team collaborating closely, the chosen ideas are seamlessly translated into reality. This integration allows for better control over the design outcome, resulting in a harmonious and cohesive space.

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