Cladding and Facade

Cladding and Facade

Natural wood can be used in many different ways in facades and cladding. The beauty and versatility make wood unequaled building material. As both an interior and exterior design element, it adds a warm and welcoming touch to any building. Suitable for malls, offices, receptions, parking, hospitals, gardens, apartment buildings, homes, farmhouses, etc. Fiber cement as an exterior cladding material is used as an alternative to wood cladding. It is a durable and low-maintenance material. We’ve variable style & personalized customization Fiber Cement Board with a customized appearance commonly used to cover the exterior of houses and commercial buildings. Our materials have construction and architectural importance as they fulfil aesthetic, artistic and design related requirements. These nature and tradition-based inspirations adapt to modern trends in sustainable development.

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Wall Cladding in Dubai adds an extra layer of protection to your building while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Wall cladding is available in several types and forms with different accoutrements, textures, and confines. Wall claddings are used both in the innards (wallpapers) and surfaces (applying a material) of a structure. It has several advantages as it improves thermal sequestration, reduces water immersion, furnishing resistance to the sun and also safeguards against air and chemical pollution.

Whereas, Dubai wood Cladding has become increasingly popular over the years due to its natural beauty and durability. Wood remains to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing of all cladding types. Generally inducted in lengthy, thin boards that can be fitted horizontally, vertically or transversely, the outgrowth of wood cladding can be entirely customized to attain the beautifying finish you want. For siding purposes, wood is weather-resistant, and an incredibly good insulator. It’s durable and easy to install. The natural look of wood offers an unpaired aesthetic look.

In addition, MEP contractors also provide management services for events and exhibitions in Dubai. We understand the importance of making a lasting impression which is why we strive towards delivering innovative designs that are sure to impress. Our experienced team will handle everything right from the conceptualization phase through the execution stage ensuring every detail is taken care of thus allowing you peace of mind during your event/exhibition.

Whether you require Wall Cladding Solutions, Events and Exhibitions Management Services, or Wood Cladding in Dubai, we can help you bring your vision to reality. Contact us now and let’s find solutions to your needs!